Co-operatives are member owned organizations that serve the needs of the members.


A number of high profile organizations are co-operatives. Co-operatives are a means for people to organize to create social, economic and environmentally conscious opportunities, which is the idea of a triple bottom line. If an organization considers this approach, it is considered to be more sustainable.

Operating in almost every business sector, more than one billion people are members of co-operative’s the world over.

In Ontario there are over 1300 co-operatives, including a skateboard co-op, food co-ops, energy co-ops, housing, daycare, a bicycle co-op….

Almost any business you can think of can be run as a co-op.

To Bean or Not to Bean is a Workers Co-operative, which means it is owned by the members. In a Buyer’s Co-op, the member owners are the people who purchase from the Co-op. Member/Owners of a Producers Co-op would market and distribute their products through the Co-op.